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Success Stories

Bay View Industries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had an IMA router that IMA had worked on for three weeks. They finally convinced the customer to purchase a new router.  The maintenance manager at Bay View couldn’t live with the idea that the router was now a scrap machine, so he found REA on the internet. REA had the router reprogrammed and repaired in 4 hours.

Columbia Forest in Truman, Arkansas had a Hesseman Sander that was down because their Kuhnke plc was damaged.  Hesseman and Kuhnke told them that it would be 3 weeks before a new plc could be shipped to them, due to the fact that it had to come from Germany.  They sent the plc to REA on a Saturday and Tuesday morning, they were back in production.

Roseburg Forest Products in Oxford, Mississippi had an Anthon Saw with an obsolete computer controller with obsolete software.  Anthon told Roseburg that it would be two weeks and $10,000.00 for a new controller.  REA received their controller on Monday morning. The Anthon saw required custom software that no one had access to. REA repaired it and shipped it back next day air and Roseburg was back in production by Tuesday at lunchtime.

GE Aviation in Albuquerque, New Mexico had a 200 horsepower drive that had severe lighting damaged.  Their entire plant depended on this drive.  REA had the drive repaired and refurbished in three days.

Technibilt in Newton, North Carolina had an obsolete Allen Bradley 2/30 plc that controller their chrome plating operation.  An upgraded plc and programming would have cost over $25,000.00 and two weeks of downtime.  REA repaired and reprogrammed the obsolete plc over a weekend.

Rock Tenn in Conover, North Carolina had a Bobst cardboard press & sheeter machine that was down.  The Bobst rep had worked on the machine for one week before saying that the machine couldn’t be repaired.  REA identified the machine’s issues and repaired the two Veritron drives in one day and had them back in production in two days.

Pacific Tool & Gauge in White City, Oregon had a spindle off of a Weeke Router that had been sent to three different repair shops.  Every time the spindle was returned, the repair was not correct.  REA did a complete rebuild and repair that was less expensive than what the other repair shops had charged to “not” repair the spindle.

FMS in Lincolnton, North Carolina had two Lenze drives that went down on the fiber press machine.  This machine produced fiber for the entire plant operation.  Delivery time on two replacement drives was two weeks.  REA repaired both drives in two days.

Steel Case in Caledonia, Michigan had a Homag BAZ router that was down.  Homag had been in but could not repair their issue.  REA repaired the router in six hours and while at their facility, REA repaired three other machines that we causing production issues.

Adden Furniture in Hildebran, North Carolina had a Hesseman controller that was down.  Hesseman wanted $11,000.00 and 4 weeks for a new controller.  REA repaired the controller in 1 day and repaired it under $1,200.00.


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